Keeping your knife sharp

Your knife always well sharp

Any chef’s knife must be kept very sharp. The sharpness not only helps in making your work easy but also helps to make your work more fun with a lot of ease for the perfect outcome. You, therefore, need to have your knife always well sharpened for effectiveness. The good thing is that most knives can withstand sharpening occasionally.

Well, you may be wondering how your knife gets blunt to require sharpening.

Normally, the knife will lose its strength after use for some time. However, some kitchen habits will only work against your knife regardless of how best it was sharp when it was new.

knife and old iron sharpener with handle for kitchen knives on a white background, top view


For instance, the knife is likely to get blunt when you don’t use it for its right purpose. For instance,

Edge knife

if you use a straight-edge knife to cut hot goods like cake, the knife will likely get blunt.


This tells you that the knife can be in good condition but when not well used, it can get blunt.

cheif knives

if you use a knife to cut things,

wooden chopping board with kitchen knives, placed on an old flower tablecloth, photograph with a view from above

Stone objects

Additionally, if you use a knife to cut things that are not meant to be cut using a knife, like wood or stone objects, the knife will be blunt in the end.



It doesn’t matter how frequently you will be sharpening the knife. If anything, you will end up wearing and tearing the knife,

Portrait of chefs team acting funny with knives in restaurant kitchen, making joke about professional cuisine service. Cheerful man and woman working on gourmet meal dish with culinary recipe.


Some chefs also make the mistake of having one knife in the kitchen which is used for doing barely everything.

Such will become blunt by all means

This is not only using the knife for the wrong purpose but rather you overworking the knife. Such will become blunt by all means.

To keep your knife at its best, you need to use it for its purpose so that you can only sharpen it when necessary. The sharpening should never be too much. When done, it should not be too intense to destroy the knife.

The difference in the edges is basically to serve different purposes in the kitchen. Not every blade can be used for each function. You, therefore, need more than one knife with different blades to have a smooth operation in the kitchen. One is never enough.

Shot of a butcher at his store.

vegetable preparation

Vegetables should never miss on our menu. This calls for special attention in dealing with the general preparation in the kitchen. It, therefore, means that you need special kinds of knives in the kitchen for preparing your vegetables. Well, you can use any other knife but these specific ones ensure that you get the best outcome with ease within the shortest time possible.