Which knife is best for fish?

knife is best for fish

In every chef’s kitchen, you are likely to find more than a single knife. Maybe you are looking forward to becoming a chef. Well, you got to be sure which knife you need for every purpose. When preparing your fish, here are the basic knives that you will need for different purposes:

This type of knife is long, slim, and has a very flexible blade.

The edges are very sharp which ensures that they can be inserted just below the skin of the fish. The tip is as well sharply pointed to create an opening below the skin for piercing the skin and also to remove the bone from the stake. Its flexibility makes it more effective for filleting.

knife and old iron sharpener with handle for kitchen knives on a white background, top view

long knife

Here is another knife that you should think about. This is a very long knife with a double edge. The blade is very flexible.

knife design

Its design is more or less similar to that of a filleting knife. The difference is however that it is extremely longer than the ordinary filleting knife.

proper holding

In some cases, there might be indentation along the side of the blade for proper holding of the skin in case of filleting of the large fish.

cheif knives

If you like dealing with fish in your kitchen,

wooden chopping board with kitchen knives, placed on an old flower tablecloth, photograph with a view from above


Nakiri is best for chopping because you don’t have to apply the normal back and forth movements in chopping your vegetables.


chopping knives

They are square with a straight edge. Basically, the Nakiri knife is meant for vegetable chopping. Unlike most chopping knives,

Portrait of chefs team acting funny with knives in restaurant kitchen, making joke about professional cuisine service. Cheerful man and woman working on gourmet meal dish with culinary recipe.

single move

You only need to place the blade on what you want to be chopped and in a single move you have it all done.

Santoku knives

Santoku knives are meant for three uses in a single knife. They are used for cutting, dicing, and mincing. It is popular in traditional Japanese culture. The knife has long and slightly tapered blades for more precise cutting. Along the blade is a dimpling which reduces the sticking of the fish along the blade during the kitchen work. Apart from fish works in the kitchen, you can also use it for other dishes preparation like the vegetables.

The above types of knives should never miss in the kitchen. They not only make your work easier but also makes it more fun and so you use less mental energy in your food preparations.

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Tomato knives

Tomato knives are made in rounded blade design with serrated ages. The edges can however be made even sharper for better outcomes. The general length of such knives is 6-7 inches. The knives are best suited for dealing with tomatoes which in most kitchens require specialized cutting. The handle is in most cases made of rubber material to offer a better grip of the knife.