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Four for 15 billion: several greenhouse complexes will be launched in Stavropol region

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Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol region announced commissioning of four large greenhouses. They are Dolina Solntsa, Solnechny Kislovodsk, Vostochny and Solnechny Dar. The greenhouses will occupy the area of 70 ha. Launch of these facilities will increase greenhouse vegetables production in the region by 44k tonnes. The Ministry specifies that total investment in the enterprises will exceed 15b roubles. “In comparison with 2018 when only one greenhouse complex on the area of 9 ha was launched in the region in the Predgorny district. The initiator was Vesna company. Project investment comprised 1 b roubles”, added in the Ministry.

That does not mean that the investment amount of the previous year was 15 times less than the current year. Almost all of the enumerated projects were started in 2017 or the beginning of 2018, thus the data on investment will be reflected only in the final statistics after the launch.

Two of four projects are located int the Predgorny district: the 2nd phase of Dolina Solntsa and Solnechny Kislovodsk. The first project, implemented by a famous federal market player Belaya Dacha, arises the biggest interest. Modern greenhouses are constructed on the area of 7.2 ha. “This is our 2nd site in the Stavropol region. The project is ready for the implementation. We are planning to build in the shortest terms possible to have a reliable source of quality and tasty product by 2020”, says Anton Semenov, General Director of Belaya Dacha. 2.5b roubles of internal and loaned funds were invested in the construction of the 1st phase of the greenhouse complex Dolina Solnca by Belaya Dacha in 2017. The company owners estimate 2nd phase investment in 1.4b roubles.

According to Mr Semenov, advanced resources-saving technologies will be utilised at the greenhouse complex. Top managers of Belaya Dacha expect annual production output of 500 tonnes of lettuce and 4.5 k tonnes of tomatoes. 2nd phase implementation will expanse the area of the company’s greenhouses to 15 ha. Total production capacities of Dolina Solntsa will increase correspondingly.

The representatives of Solnechny Kislovodsk were hard to reach. There is no data in the open sources about the project. Although the known fact is the largest greenhouses are being constructed in the Izobilny municipality.

One of the largest greenhouse vegetables producers Eco Culture is operating here. In 2017 the company launched the first phase of a greenhouse on the area 25.2 ha, which produced 12.7 tonnes of tomatoes and cucumbers in 2018. In 2019 the second phase of the complex with the area of 32 ha is being prepared for the launch. Its cost comprises about 8 b roubles.

At the same time the investor turned to the construction of the third and fourth phases of Solnechny Dar greenhouse complex. The area of 58.7 ha will be constructed with high-end perennial greenhouses with the capacity of more than 35 k tonnes of tomatoes per year. Full capacity is planned to be reached in 2021. According to the website of Eco culture, “3rd and 4th phases construction investment will comprise more than 15b roubles. Financial partner is Russian agricultural Bank”.

“The investment climate of the region is attractive due to the effective cooperation of the regional Government, Russian Agricultural Bank and business” says Aleksandr Rudakov, President of Eco Culture. “To date our projects exist all around the country but our objective is “to come home” to the Stavropol region and invest more in the economic development of the territory with the aid of the Russian Agricultural Bank”.

Finally, Agricomplex Vostochny is constructing 22.7 ha of a greenhouse complex with the capacity of 16k tonnes of tomatoes and cucumbers per year. According to the partner I-Teco company, project investment will exceed 4.8m roubles. “Apart from the internal funds, the enterprise will be provided with 3.5b roubles of preferential loan for the agricultural industry. Commercial exploitation of the facility will allow to create 300 additional work places and increase tax payment into the budget by 300 m roubles”, informs I-Teco. The company considers that vegetables will be produced by low scale hydroponics method with dripping irrigation system, additional CO2 fertilisation, screening system and microclimate control. The enterprise will be equipped with units for sorting and packaging.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, to date total area of greenhouses in the Stavropol region comprises 198 ha. “Major product – tomatoes: 74% of total output. 26% – cucumbers and lettuce. Every year greenhouses capacities increase by 20-40%. Previous year gross output of all greenhouse complexes equalled 46 kg per square metre. Launch of new facilities will allow to increase productivity by 1,5 times. Owning to the implementation of advanced greenhouse complexes the yield can rise by 75 kg per square metre”, considers Andrey Oleinikov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Stavropol region.

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