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Among VIP-Speakers and guests

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Vladimir Vladimirov

Governor of the Stavropol Territory

Russian statesman, politician. Governor of the Stavropol region since 27 September 2014. Chairman of the Government of the Stavropol region since 2 October 2014. A member of the United Russia party. Agriculture has been the key industry of the regional economy for many years. The Stavropol region takes the 4th position in Russia by the agricultural output. Farming area comprises 5.3 million ha. Viticulture and fruit & vegetable farming are traditionally the most profitable sectors of the regional agriculture. Meat livestock breeding and dairy farming, pig breeding, sheep farming, goat breeding, poultry farming, pisciculture, beekeeping, horse breeding are also developed sectors in the regional agriculture.

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Aleksandr Ogorodnikov

Deputy Minister of Industry of the Belarus Republic

Belarus statesman. Deputy Minister of the Industry of Belarus since January 2013. The country is one of the leading agricultural producers in the CIS. Crop farming and livestock breeding are basic agricultural sectors. Both of them are undergoing the phases of reconstruction, integration of new technologies and attraction of investment. There are over 1300 agricultural companies, about 2000 farms and hundreds of farm households in the Republic. Agricultural facilities produce for domestic and foreign markets, besides some products have a significant export potential. Belarus supplies agricultural products to 35 countries around the globe, about 70% of them is exported to Russia, about 13% - to other CIS countries, 14% - outside the CIS.

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Viktor Novozhilov

Member of the Federation Council Committee on agrarian and food policy and environmental management

Russian politician. The Chairman of the Arkhangelsk Regional Statesmen Assembly, the 6th calling. A member of the United Russia party, a member of the Regional Party Council Presidium. Chairman of the Parliament Association of the North-West of Russia (since 28 November 2016). Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Representative Body of Arkhangelsk Municipality with the Arkhangelsk Regional Statesmen Assembly. Chairman of Expert Community Council with the Arkhangelsk Regional Statesmen Assembly on the issues of continuous development of agricultural territories. A member of the Council Committee of Russian Legislators of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on the federal affairs, regional policy and local governance.

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Victor Dnov

Head of the Department of the President's Authorised Representative's Office in the North Caucasian Federal District

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Alexey Sitnikov

President of the Association «Greenhouses of Russia», Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

The President of the Association “Greenhouses of Russia”, statesman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation. The Association “Greenhouses of Russia” was established in 1994 on the initiative of the heads of greenhouse enterprises. The Association unites more than 242 facilities, including 127 greenhouse complexes, with a total area of winter glass greenhouses more than 1908.6 ha. Annual production of vegetables in the off-season period is more than 600 thousand tonnes. The main crops are cucumbers 70%, tomatoes 25%, peppers, eggplants and green crops. In total, more than 30 kinds of vegetables, flowers, mushrooms are grown.

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Eldar Baichorov

First Deputy Chairman of the Karachay-Cherkess Government

Ph.D. in Economics, First Deputy Chairman of the Karachai-Cherkess Republic, the Cherkessk city.

An honoured employee of the Republican food industry. Agricultural complex of the Karachai-Cherkess Republic demonstrates stable growth of output. In agricultural production the Republic is almost self-sufficient and independent from imported foods. The Republic produces more milk, meat, eggs and potatoes per capita than an average Russian region.

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Andrey Petrenko



Co-Founder of Eco-Culture holding. The holding is the leader of organic protected ground vegetable production in Russia. Major crops – tomatoes, cucumbers, leaf salads.

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Aleksandr Petrov

General Director

MC Irrico

General Director of Irrico Group. The company is engaged in intensive crop and vegetable farming in Ipatovo, Apanasenkovskoe and Petrovskoe districts of the Stavropol region.

Production of grain, oil-bearing and pulse crops – over 100 000 tonnes per annum, major grain crops are wheat and corn. Irrico has an opportunity to unload up to 2000 tonnes of grain crops per day. Vegetable and potato output – over 40 000 tonnes per annum. The company cultivates early and late potato, beet-root, winter onion, garlic and carrot. Irrico’s irrigation system is the largest united cluster of irrigated lands in Russia. Irrigated area comprises 6535 ha.

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Vladimir Bovin

General Director


General Director of AGRIСO. The company and key subsidiaries were established in 1999. The company provides the whole range of production activities on cultivation, processing, storage and distribution of agricultural products. Major activities: crop farming, vegetable production, livestock breeding, poultry farming, storage, processing, distribution, logistics, construction, management of commercial property. Company facilities has reached high production and financial results, has occupied the leading positions in the industry.

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Aydyn Shirinov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Sady Stavropolia

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sady Stavropolia – the largest Russian fruit nursery engaged in full cycle growing of quality healthy (virus tested) propagation material, corresponding to international quality standards. Major activity – stone fruit and pome fruit trees growing.

The output – over 2 million of healthy seedlings per annum, about 200 ha of quality propagation material.

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Yanis Galanidi

General Director

Dolina Solntsa

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Ekaterina Luchkina


National Union of Meat Processors

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Akhyad Dagaev

General Director

Kavkazskoe Zdorovie

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Larisa Kartashova


President, Pyatigorsk Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Head of Russian Export Centre in the NCFD


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