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Volgograd region implements 350 investment projects in the field of agriculture

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The implementation course of major agriculture investment projects in the Volgograd region was discussed within the framework of regional committee’s meeting chaired by Vasily Ivanov, Deputy Governor. Farmers and executives of agri-companies spoke about projects and anticipated results.

Mr. Ivanov noted that the priorities for the development of agriculture in the region were determined at the meeting of agriculture development council that was held on 7 February in Nikolaevsk.

“The main objective is to ensure food security by supplying livestock breeding and dairy produce”, said the Vice Governor, “Besides, the region exports vegetables and grain. We must continue working on it”.

He also informed that the investment session is aimed at the development of agri-processing industry. For the last three years the volume of processed food has grown from 50k tonnes to 389k tonnes. The goal is to process up to 500k tonnes of vegetables and fruit by 2021.

Currently, a total of 350 agriculture investment projects are being implemented in the region, including a number of large ones. Since 2014, 469 projects have been implemented, 65% of them were backed by the government. Investors are major companies, farms, businessmen. They obtain grants for the development of dairy farms, subsidies to construct greenhouses and dairy complexes, etc.

The major investment projects, valued at 10,5 bn RUB, will generate about 1400 job opportunities. Among such projects – the construction of Ovoschevod Greenhouse Complex and Volzhsky Agrocomplex, 34 projects for creating irrigating fields on the area of 16.3k ha, construction of a vegetable processing factory “Kuhmaster”, modernisation of fruit and vegetable processing factory, establishment of new gardens “Sady Pridonia”, construction of a pre-packing facility and a vegetable storehouse, meat processing complex in the Ilovlinsky district, grape processing factory in the Dubovsky district, modernisation of “Lyubimy Gorod” facilities, construction, renovation, and commissioning of Leninsky canning factory and others.

Amelioration was another issue on the agenda. According to Mr. Ivanov, this is the main instrument for the development of vegetable and fruit farming, forage reserves.

The Volgograd region occupies a special position in the national programme. The region was included in the pilot project of accelerated development. Since 2014 the irrigated area has grown from 33.7k ha to 47k ha with 9.5k ha commissioned in 2017. 640m RUB were allocated to reach this goal, that is 2 and a half times more than during past 4 years. The growth attests to the support of the president and governmental decision to change the shares of co-financing.

In 2018 the region implements 14 projects for the establishment of irrigated fields on the area of 8.6k ha, valued at 1.3bn RUB. Development of amelioration means better life in rural areas.

Source: RIAC


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