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Greenhouse area of the country will grow by 500 ha before the end of 2021

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The square of greenhouses in Russia should increase by 500 ha and exceed 3 k ha before the end of 2021, as reported by Natalia Rogova, General Director of the Association “Greenhouses of Russia”.

“This year there are about 300 ha of greenhouses under construction. And according to our data, not less than 500 ha will be commissioned before the end of 2021”, specified Natalia Rogova, and added that to date the greenhouse area comprises 2.6 ha.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, in 2019, protected ground vegetables output in Russia will compile about 1.4 m tonnes. This is by 38.5% more than the same number previous year. Experts consider that the stable growth of greenhouse area and protected ground output stimulates the development of related industries, including water-soluble fertilisers production.

“We see colossal perspective in this market”, underlined Edvard Gurariy, Commercial Director of one of the leading water-soluble suppliers, “There is a vivid tendency for the Russian water-soluble fertilisers to outcompete foreign analogues”.

Source: Fertilizer Daily


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