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37 previously selected AIC projects will obtain additional fund

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In 2018, 37 previously selected AIC projects will obtain additional financing, informs the Ministry of Agriculture with the reference to the director of economics and AIC state support department Natalia Chernetsova.

The support scheme issues were discussed on 21 December at the meeting of the committee for AIC lending issues. Jambulat Khatuov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, was the headliner of the meeting.

He informed that one of the priority goals of the Ministry is the provision of favourable conditions for the further development of Russian agroindustrial complex. Moreover, he noted that it is required to consider the opinion of regional governments when regulating lending-related issues.

“Regional AIC authorities are in the picture of regional AIC real state. It is required to attract them to support investment projects. It will increase the efficiency of work”, concluded Mr Khatuov.

Source: Finmarket


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