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2.5 m tonnes of cattle fodder procurement in Kuban

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Fodder procurement harvesting campaign started in the Krasnodar region. For an upcoming winter season the cattle needs about 2.5 m tonnes of fodder, as informed by the Kuban Administration’s press-centre.

Agrarians have already scythed 21.6 k ha of perennial herbs – 26% from the planned amount. 1.7 k from 220 k tonnes of hay and 141.1 k from 712 k tonnes of haylage have been procured. 1.5 m tonnes of silage are planned for procurement.

“We set the task for the municipal agriculture authorities to pay special attention to optimal terms of scything and application of advanced procurement methods, allowing to receive high quality fodder. And to conduct quality tests in time”, says the Minister of Agriculture of Kuban, Fedor Dereka.

According to him, conventional amount of fodder is enough to satisfy the demand of livestock breeding. If necessary Kuban agrarians are ready to supply fodder to other countries.

Source: Yug Times


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