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Ministry of Agriculture does not exclude transition period within the adoption of a new mechanism of agriculture machinery supply


The Ministry of Agriculture does not exclude the transition period for the implementation of a new mechanism of farm machinery supply in 2020. “Programme 1432 is still functioning, the discount mechanism exists. We do not exclude a transition period when there will be discounts and a new functioning leasing mechanism”, says the First Deputy Minister…

4 greenhouse complexes in the Stavropol region

To date there are about 200 ha of greenhouse complexes. The region is fully provided with protected ground vegetables – 28 kg/year per person (medical standard — 12.7 kg per person) Protected ground vegetables from Stavropol are exported to the Moscow, Leningrad and Lipetsk regions. Last year a new greenhouse complex was constructed in the…

More 10 k ha of irrigated land establishment in the stavropol region


According to the experts, amelioration is one of the basis of regional agriculture development. More than 29 k ha of irrigated land have been constructed and reconstructed for the last 5 years. That is why 10 k ha more are planned for 2019. The Treasury will allocate 2.8 bn roubles for these goals within the…

Greenhouses and power substation construction in agricultural complex Sunzha, Ingushetia

Trilateral investment arrangement for 5.7 bn roubles was signed by Ingushetia, the North Caucasus Development Corporation (NCDC) and “Agrokombinat Sunzha”. The resources will be allocated for the construction of the 2nd phase of greenhouses and power substation, as informed by the regional head’s press-centre. “Agricomplex Sunzha is the largest project in the agriculture of the…

Financial support of open ground vegetable farming increased in the Stavropol region

Fruit and vegetable production support in the region has tripled for the last three years. Before the end of 2019, 188 m roubles will be allocated for the industry. Stavropol crop producers provided 226 k tonnes of vegetables from the fields in 2018. More than half – 143 k – were gathered by small producers….