Every chef needs a knife they can depend on

Chef Knife

. The knife can allow them to get precise cuts of food and make sure that everything cooks evenly. These are some chef’s knives that every chef should have.

This is the general knife that a chef will use. It has a straight sharp edge and can be used to make several cuts. It can even be used to crush nuts. The knife is wider at the handle and will get thinner as the blade goes on.

The blade is smooth and can be used in back and forth rocking motion. This will allow the chef to cut everything from vegetables to meat.

knife and old iron sharpener with handle for kitchen knives on a white background, top view


This knife has a smaller blade and can be used to make smaller cuts.

Delicate cuts

The chef can peel apples, slice tomatoes, and make delicate cuts with this knife.


The tip of the knife is sharp and pointed. It can be used to help a chef cut through the skin of a fruit or vegetable.

cheif knives

It can also be used to make sure all of the skin is peeled away.

wooden chopping board with kitchen knives, placed on an old flower tablecloth, photograph with a view from above


This knife has an edge that some people have compared to the look of a saw.



It can be used for cutting things with a hard exterior and a softer interior.

Portrait of chefs team acting funny with knives in restaurant kitchen, making joke about professional cuisine service. Cheerful man and woman working on gourmet meal dish with culinary recipe.


The tip is pointed to allow the knife to move through the material without making it look shredded.

Scalloped edge knives

A chef will need to cut in a back and forth motion and will allow a chef to cut without damaging the item. It can also be used to cut meats such as steak. These are some knives that every chef needs to have. These knives will make it easier to prepare food and will make sure the food comes out cut evenly.

Scalloped edge knives have hollow dimples along with the blades. This helps in preventing the food from sticking to the surface of the knife. Such knives are more effective when cutting more sticky items like raw fish. Salmon knives are known for such blades.


Shot of a butcher at his store.

Hollow ground edge

This kind of blade has tapers from the middle of the blade reducing gradually to the tip of the knife hence creating a fine and sharp edge. The only challenge with this edge is that it is more vulnerable to wear and tear and so you will frequently need replacement in case you use it frequently.